a madman shakes a dead geranium

December 23, 2010

This is part of the Scentventure, an adventure in perfumes.

In the bottle: It was sweetish, I believe? I cannot actually remember much about how it smelt while there.

Wet: It was nose-attacking and medicinal. It was an explosion in the face. It smelled awful and chemical and bad-plant odorous. Bitter and pungent and my nose suffered greatly.

Dry: After a little while, it became peppery and warm and full, and subtle and deep and kind of- not like velvet, but like a warm dark cotton. It became very soft with a tiny hint of sweetness, but mostly this warm, lovely savoury smell I could taste at the back of my throat. The resiny bitterness mellowed out into the way you’d imagine smooth chardonnay would taste. That is, the way chardonnay looks and sometimes smells but never actually tastes because there’s too much damn tannin to speak of. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by geranium. It had a beautiful flavour to it- it was a flavour, almost- I could feel it and taste it- a warmth. It would do nicely in combination with something else, perhaps something citrusy.

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