black death of bergamot.

December 23, 2010

This is part of the Scentventure, an adventure in perfumes.

In the bottle: It was rather a nasal attack. Overpoweringly strong, but it smelled faintly citrus-like- a little orange, a little pungent. Nevertheless, expecting something wonderful, I dabbed some from a tester onto a wrist. I should let it be known at this point that I adore Earl Grey tea. I adore it. And as bergamot is the strongest scent component of Earl Grey tea, save for, you know, the tea, it then follows that I will love bergamot, right?

Wet: Wrong. The bergamot continued citrusising, but developed this darker middle note to it. It was an off, ugly swampish after note that felt fat and sour and reminded me of a fig-and-bergamot soap I used. I didn’t like that note in the soap either, but thought at that time it was the fig. Alas for my hopes! It was the bergamot!

Dry: It still smelled like a dark thing with a bit of unhappy at the back, and only very faintly resembled the taste of any type of earl grey tea I’ve ever had. This made me extremely sad. My illusions have been dashed into the soils of my despair.

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