we put the citronella candles out at dusk

December 23, 2010

This is part of the Scentventure, an adventure in perfumes.

In the bottle: It was very strongly reminiscent of citronella candles. Mosquito-killers. Household substances, it smelled like.

Wet: Well! I immediately regretted putting it on my skin. Citronella is the devil on me- it hops up like a mad thing and starts shouting I WILL KILL ALL MOSQUITOES IN RANGE AND ATTEMPT TO SLAY HUMAN NASAL PASSAGES ALSO.

Dry: The onslaught of citronella did not improve. It took over my arm. It took over the metre around me. It took over all the other scents and my olfactory mechanisms. It took over enough space for the shop assistant to notice. I smelled like lemongrass. I smelled like very strong lemongrass. I smelled like all the mosquitoes around me were going to drop to the floor within a breath of my body. It was overpowering and ferociously burny in smell. I can’t tell if it widened and softened a little bit afterwards because my nose was still trying to cope.

A few days afterwards I was still smelling it because I had wiped my wrist on my jeans. At least there it was only spicy- a lemongrassish splash of spice, a hint of citrus before one turns the head and looks for the source of the smell. I do like citronella in tiny amounts, I suppose, particularly for its bug-warding properties.

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