Chocolate Orange Cordial: ZOMGSmells Review

January 6, 2011

This is part of the Scentventure, an adventure in perfumes.

From the site:

A dead ringer for that first whiff of orange-tinged dark chocolate when you unwrap the foil. Rich chocolate, not overly sugared, mingles with bright, honey-sweet citrus in this dessert cordial for your nose.

In the bottle:
OH MY GOD. Chocolate. So much chocolate. Like I opened a packet and held it up to my nose and sniffed it. Tiniest hint underneath of something- muskier, something stronger, more odiferous. But it smelled exactly like I opened a bar of good, solid stuff.

Wet, on skin:
Dropped from actual chocolate to- a little more amber, a little more warmth. The orange is somewhere underneath. The chocolate smell has widened from being chocolate to being a little bit wheaty, sweet, a little bit like- like a chocolate-type scent than actual chocolate. Which was my original impression from the bottle.

Dry, on skin:
Orange has traipsed through in a broad, mellow way, kind of rich and ambery-warm in a sunshine kind of manner rather than a sour-orange kind of manner. It’s quite decadent without being amber-nose-assaulting like the lemonbomb, but the chocolate’s gone. Fading quite quickly on my skin. Still got the richness that you get from the back of the chocolate smell, an undergrowth of chocolate, but it’s more of a mix of warmths now, and it reminds me of sweet food. Baking in a scented house. Orange warmth without the orange.

General conclusions:
I got this as my extra, which I found awesome because I’d wanted it. I’m not usually a fan of chocolate smells. This is okay. It turns out I don’t like the warm ones so much, and this one- is a warm one, but it’s passable. I probably wouldn’t wear it often or regularly because of the warmth, but I don’t object to it. S’nice.

It smells the tiniest bit like incense, now, with the barest hint of chocolate at the back. Warm. Ambery. Barely any orange to speak of. I think we may safely say that amber-like notes like to jump up and do the macarena on my skin to the exclusion of all other scents. A little saddening. I probably wouldn’t wear it, is my final conclusion. I don’t dislike it, like I did the tom-kha, but it’s not particularly me.)

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