Lemonbomb: ZOMGSmells Review

January 6, 2011

This is part of the Scentventure, an adventure in perfumes.

From the site:

Sweet like candy and intense like grapefruit-sized lemons growing in a sun-warmed field of lemon balm, with a depth that speaks of ancient, Old World fruit trees.

Amber, LEMON CANDY, SOUR LEMON, MORE LEMONS, and a hint of primal, woody sourness that throws sugar into such sharp and pleasing relief.

In the bottle:
LEMONS. But not sharp- quite sweet. And a hint of something bitter and wonderful.

Wet, on skin:
MORE LEMONS. The bitter is coming out, and it smells like how a lemon pith tastes, which I like. Amber is kicking, sweet and strong and rich. Almost taking over the lemon, there.

Dry, on skin:
Spicy. Warm. Smells like wood- like someone wiped down a table with lemon-scented wood polish a long time ago, and you’re lying at the table and you can still faintly smell it, over the rich smell of wood. Or like you’re walking through a very old, warm forest with rich golden shadows. For some reason, the lemon takes a step backwards and it becomes something much more complex. The faintest hint of powdered lemon sherbet or soap or the fizzy stuff you stick into the bath, whiffing over the top.

General conclusions:
Faint, unfortunately. Lovely. Round with a tinge of spice, not exactly what I’d call lemonish but with small spikenotes of lemon over the warmth. Lovely stuff.

It’s mostly amber, now. Tiniest hint of lemon here and there, but mostly it’s sweet, and mostly it’s warm and mostly it’s amber. I don’t mind it, but I wouldn’t wear it that often. I don’t know if I like it to excess. On the good side, it smells a little bit like a secret, and like a woman. I think that’s what amber does. On the bad side, I let my uncle and my grandmother have a whiff of my arm and they insisted it smelled like old-lady perfume. I am inclined to agree.)

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