Tom Kha: ZOMGSmells Review

January 6, 2011

This is part of the Scentventure, an adventure in perfumes.

From the site:

Ariel loves tom kha gai. It’s a Thai soup that combines some of the best things in the world into one bowl: coconut milk, limes, ginger, fish sauce, mushrooms, chicken, chilies, et cetera…and it is so immensely beautiful in the mouth that it seemed a perfume of it must be just as beautiful.

So there was nothing for it but to to leave out all the stuff that makes a brilliant soup but a terrible perfume, and voila!

(Yes, that does mean we left out the chicken and fish, so it’s vegetarian. There are also no chilies in it because we don’t want to burn your flesh, but if you’re allergic to ginger you should give this one a miss.)

In the Bottle:
Sweet. Strong. Doesn’t smell much like the soup to me- a little too sweet for that. Definitely got the coconut flavour comin’ through here.

Wet, on skin:
Coconuuuuuut. Man, the lemongrass and the ginger are kicking up. The coconut’s taking over, though, and it’s a bit of a hostile takeover. The lime isn’t happy with this.

Dry, on skin:
Mmmn… it’s blended into a round, very coconutty, slightly limey smell- for some reason it pops up artificial on me, in a way that’s too sweet and fully plastic for my skin. Yep, definitely reminds me of the smell of plastic. Less food in my head and more sweet scent, but then I wasn’t expecting to smell like I’d bathed in tom kha gai, even though that would’ve been kind of cool. I’m all for smelling like I’ve just stepped out of the kitchen after cookin’ some Thai.

General conclusion:
Probably too creamy for me. The plasticky almost-cinnamon smell is coming up strong, and I don’t like that- the deep whiff underneath after the almost savoury lemongrass bit smacks of- too much fullness, too much roundness. This is one to donate over to someone else for a go with their chemistry. But I’ve learned something new: coconut. Avoid!

NO. I’m sorry. NO. It’s still going crazy on my skin and hasn’t stopped yet. It’s attempting to take over my arm. It’s luckily not as bad as citronella gets but AUGH, the off-with-your-head coconut and lemongrass-lime is extremely strong, extremely powerful and very- attack-all-bases-take-no-prisoners. I am unhappy! I wanted to like this one! It would have been nice to smell like food!)

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