Scooter: ZOMGSmells Review

January 6, 2011

This is part of the Scentventure, an adventure in perfumes.

From the site:

Scooter’s scent is an effervescent whoosh of cirrus musk, white tea, and ozone bustling over a sedate blend of blueberry and violet.

In the bottle:
Reaction upon opening: OOOOH. I LIKE THIS. Blueberryish, sweet without being too sweet, an open scent. Hurrah!

Wet, on skin:
Sweet. Floralish, but in a springlike way. A greener scent underneath the blueberry, something that reminds me of English gardens with the windows open and the curtains billowing. Pretty and purpley. Froufrou in pastels and pale verdant greens and lilacs and violets. Gentle. Yummy. I can’t stop sniffing it.

Dry, on skin:
Softer, the blueberry’s stopped announcing itself as blueberry and just melded into this pretty, cotton-petticoated Victorian child in a spring garden. Hair in a velvet bow. Picking flowers. Probably clutching a doll. I would not object to scented candles in this smell. Gentle. Very Western, in the sense that it’s very- quaint English bed and breakfast, almost. Floral and sweet without being sickly. I can’t stress how much I find this refreshing, and just- yummy.

General conclusions:
Yummy. I would wear this. It isn’t a me-signature scent- I don’t know if that’s possible, I’d like to find out!- but it’s pretty and it’s scented and it has very small, deep undertones of blueberry, just gently, and smells like you’re setting in a quaint guest bedroom with muslin curtains and sunlight and whitewashed ceilings and delicate floral bedspread. White bedstead. Windows open. Mmmmmm.

Sweet. Very sweet. It’s a bit more watery on the topnotes now, but the undersmells of blueberry are still there. This is definitely quite a sweet scent- in a fresh, pastel, but fairly pink-and-purple-froufrou way. I’d wear it, just not too much of it at a time.)

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