May 8, 2011

But then I am not always afraid. And you did not stay to greet me, but I think you had things to do.

I am healthier now, a tree that grows thinly, spread fingers to the light and pale leaves flushing. Greenly up, eyes turned further, shadow stretching farther. Words that work only in their youth, the silliness of voices that smash against each other, fall like bricks to slowness. Words only. Never mind that you were given the truth once upon a time, when you were younger. You are stronger now and the bricks are spread across the grass for earth to hug and swallow down. You are new. This is you.

Sometimes, this is you. And you are less afraid of being unneeded. And you are, sometimes, less afraid of your own ugliness.

there is no word that does not, was not made to hold you in the bowl of it like an empty cup for air. light. jesus.

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