June 20, 2011

my heart breaks for you, or perhaps it just breaks
easier, now, in the loose day of cold and wet and greying earth
and the grass so green it hurts the eyes to watch it grow
mud sludge dampen down rubble it stop




I think I have taken too big a breath in
and it has caught in my lungs and maybe I swallowed something wrong
or ate something right or
took the wrong pill the wrong rabbit the wrong hole going
south (northsoutheastwestlittlechildrenrunrabbitrun) oh god  oh god

i cannot fix the world i cannot fix myself

but i want so very hard to try
so many things break for you, my people, boy in the south girl in the north child in the west friend
friend friend friend lover all the injustices heap between my ribs like stars like rubbish heaps
catch my lungs and squeeze them closed for you, for you, o
please don’t break please

i will break for you only please
if i could do all your breaking
all your tearing

i would but i cannot die for you

oh my heart my multiple heart my split tooth my loves

parcel me up and send me away for I cannot do a thing
and the injustice of the world beats against my tongue
and throbs my ribs like a cage that will not let out
anything more than these panicked words
this flutterby heart against yours, the succession of deaths
your bruises mirroring mine o Lord

that you would come down and save these
that you would heal the broken
and bind up the wounded
and free the imprisoned
and heal the sick, and heal, and heal

and set free and bind up and let go and open

and release
oh god that you would release this breath in my lungs
that beats so hard for the undivided
and the losers
and the fallen and the doomed and the claimed
and those who simply cannot see anymore do not take them

but you must be their sacrifice
let me see

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