the gasp

October 15, 2011

Andrew Peterson.

“… But these aren’t little happy songs. Peterson has the tone of a man who has seen very hard things, but finds light behind whatever it is that is causing the shadows. He sings about that light.”




I read the lyrics, flick through the videos on youtube, and when I breathe it is sucking at air that I can’t quite clamber into because there’s no more space in my lungs for me. And that’s not it either, it is simply- a drowning breath, because where it hurts is where it is right, and it is right to hurt sometimes. Oh. This man’s heart. This man’s heart is on you, is for you, is searching for you every step of the way. Oh.

Good pain. I’m crying because I need to cry, because shutting it away makes it worse, because it feels good to cry and to let myself be hurt, and be in pain. To allow myself the hurting. Oh.

God of heaven and earth, God of the creators, God who is



that I might be so truthful

that I might speak so well

that I might say what breaks and what hurts and what touches so that it can be seen, so that you can mend-


that you might speak-

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