gonna slit me some yellow throats inna mornin’.

April 19, 2012


we have enough to feed whole platoons of monkeys. troops of tiny gorillas. fieldfuls of small chimps with fistfuls of yellow bursting skin. then again, a school of small children is somewhat akin to a troop of simian babbies. there are roughly equivalent amounts of howling.

I think I’ve got mostly used to the howling. Can tell when it’s Angry Crying At You To Make You Give In, or actually I Am Upset I Need Comforting crying- although you learn the difference between those pretty quick.

there are good things about working here. some of it consists of learning to be more responsible, I suppose. nothing else makes you feel as adult as being surrounded by two-to-five-year-olds every day and hearing what teachers say, over and over. Sensible things. Really useful, sensible things. Now I have Sensible Teacher Voices in my head as well as Blessedly Sensible Psychologist Voices. I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all.


bad dreams this morning.

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