April 20, 2012

The first thirty-eight seconds of this song make me really wish boys didn’t have such long eyelashes.


or such nice mouths. or noses. or such nice anything. BE QUIET I’M PROBABLY OVULATING I’M ALLOWED TO SAY THINGS LIKE THIS IN PUBLIC.

it’s even heavily censored, look. I used the word nice. I never use the word nice unless I’m using it to cover up something else.*


I should go to sleep. Probably-ovulating-plus-tired makes for strange writing/censoring choices. But I’m trying to figure out how much I should let myself blog here about this kind of thing. Problem I’m finding is that now that this is my Public Blog, I’m more prone to just waffling about whatever, and specifically whatevers that mean nothing and fill space and say nothing much other than the fact that I can string sentences together in a vaguely interesting fashion and use grammar. Just. Which I used to do when it was private, too, only I was less conscious of it. And I could get straight to difficult issues or things I was feeling at that point because I could say- well, whatever. Only more pertinent, specific, important whatevers. Not I use lots of bananas at work. Which really is just self-conscious waffling. Making noise for the sake of noisemaking, having something to say without actually having Something to say. Not always a bad thing, I think, and light and fluffy can be good, but not- something I want to continue at high speed and full density.

That’s like drowning in marshmallows and I don’t even like marshmallows.

This is the problem with writing in public.




I wonder if girls sitting and giggling over smokin’ guys is equivalent to the neo-Neanderthal- “… heh. boobies.”?



“… heh. boobies.”



*lies. generalisaaaaaaation.

2 Responses to “Picadillies”

  1. Peta-Maria Harris Says:

    i love you. you are awesomeness. you crack me up. so much that i can’t even do capitals

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