blind dreaming

June 18, 2012

I have decided I kindofsortofmayberather want to work in a bookshop. Independent. Rather alternative. Possibly secondhand. Current blind-pipe dreams are Unity or Arty Bees because they’re fabulous, actually fabulous and completely mad about books. And I love places that are mad about books.


That is all.



(slow-fumbling for places that are safe to
walk     might not crumble under-
neath you as you              breathe

in-out slow and so blind
earthworn and dreaming

far from cold gaps

teeth )


3 Responses to “blind dreaming”

  1. Why Unity? I’ve never really paid much attention to them…

    • marcherry Says:

      Dude. They stock amazing things. Alternative, interesting, harder-to-find things, and the staff are very knowledgeable (same with Arty Bees, actually). They have a poetry section that isn’t a travesty. They have Robert Hass. Do you know how hard it is to find Robert Hass in a bookstore.

      I think actually VicBooks can join the list too. Seriously. The range of books is excellent and wonderfully non-mainstream.

      • I do miss VicBooks, though I never bought anything non-course-related due to the price 😀 I’ll have to visit Unity again… totally agree with you about Arty Bees!

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