job’s wife

June 20, 2012

I am unhappy.


in general, that seems to occasion three responses:

a) how do I deal with this in the short-term / hide from this until it goes away?

b) how do I make use of this in order to produce better and more interesting writing?

c) how does this bring me closer to God?


c) is an afterthought. c) is something I don’t act on because God and I are rarely friends. bitter? a little. but I don’t see where God has any relevance in how I operate on a daily basis. or I don’t want to. I don’t think he cares.

b) is only useful when I’m capable of writing. or have any hope.

a) is my first port of call.


but wait! I hear you say, amid the babble of other strands of admonition like of course God cares and that’s very unhealthy, Valerie. Knights don’t hide and wait! That’s what princesses do! You should go out there and fight this! And stuff!

Tactical retreats. Knights perform tactical retreats. And work on polishing their armour.


whew. one day I’ll be completely eaten by bitterness from the inside out, crumbled through like black lace. I don’t know what I’ll be, then. What I’ll finally have become.


A suit of armour walking the streets of Wellington, wielding a sword called tongue.



4 Responses to “job’s wife”

  1. qwandor Says:

    How about d) How can you do good and productive things despite being unhappy?

  2. Frith Says:

    Valerie, you are wise and you sound sad, but you’re also very droll. ❤

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