late incoherencies

August 29, 2012

I am constantly in love with Jon Foreman.

have a thing about poets, I suppose.


Eliot. Beckett. Auden. Hass. McGough. Merwin. Dylan Thomas. R.S. Thomas. Yeats. Rupert Brooke. Wilfred Owen. Cummings. Shakespeare. Dickinson. Sufjan Stevens. Andrew Peterson. Hopkins.

yes. yes. yes.


s’funny how almost all my favourite poets are male. not sure why. (and nearly all my favourite novelists are female.)

s’pose I have my fangirl weaknesses in odd spots. (GK Chesterton. yes.) but the frontman of a rock band is prosaical enough reason for anyone, though that isn’t why I overwhelm with something akin to worship, a kind of delight. an enormous adoration, honouring.


poets who speak truth. who bring hope and honesty into dark cracked places. poets who speak light. yes.

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