Jane strikes again.

September 5, 2012

I watched Pride and Prejudice last night. Keira Knightley version.

so I’m really not an Austen fan, but Pride and Prejudice is the book I have most tolerance for in her repertoire, seeing I’ve tried to read it repeatedly over the past ten years. I have never managed to read it straight through. Or watch the BBC version straight through, because that, also, bored me, and I’m not a Colin Firth fangirl. However, I’ve been watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries recently, which is sheer awesome. P&P, modern-day, youtube vlog style. Excellent stuff. And I realised it would be nice to know the actual plot beforehand so I know where I am, vaguely, in the scheme of things.

Usually I just wikipedia, and that does the trick. But I had a spare evening yesterday and wanted to zone out with something. Kiera Knightley version it was, and the cinematography and use of light were beautiful. I enjoy muddy-hem versions of period pieces, or unusual takes on the same- like a recent version of Mansfield Park, also Austen, wherein Fanny Price is pretty much transformed from an Austenite heroine into Austen herself, and the politics of the time are pulled in (the horror of the slave trade specifically), and the whole style of filming becomes distinctly modern and quite meta-theatrical. So I thought the KK version was well done, particularly the gabble of girls and interruptions and noise and the use of clever perspective ideas- like a scene in the ballroom, where Lizzie and Darcy have a heated conversation while dancing in a whole crowd of people, and then they’re filmed dancing, just two of them, in the same room except now it’s empty and there are meaningful locked glances etcetera- before it segues back to them in the crowd again. Clever.

Although honestly, the swell of triumphantly over-sentimental glossy violin-laden music when Darcy walks across a blue and misty field at dawn, right at the end of the film? Ew. Way too much. I cringed and zoned out of the story. Honestly, what were they thinking. The music was perfectly appropriate before that with all these thematic tie-ins and motifs, and then they had to shoehorn blatant Hallmark Americanism into it.

Pretty, though. I came away with the impression of pretty. Light, colour, contrast in clothes and sets and things like that. Very pretty.

And yet, still not an Austen fan. Ah well.

One Response to “Jane strikes again.”

  1. You make me Sad, woman.

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