a letter to future-Mel.

January 13, 2013

Hi Mel!

You might remember writing this ten years ago, back when you were twenty-four. Or to be more precise, you might remember a Facebook discussion with Valerie where you both decided to write letters to each other’s futures pretending to be each other’s current selves.

It was a crazy discussion.

Why do I let myself get sucked into these things? Here I am, and there you are, thirty-four year old Mel, and you’re probably shaking your head at this and going, “What were you thinking?” I’m not sure even I know, and I’m the one writing this letter. I hope you’re happy with the consequences of your decisions.

Or maybe you still do things like this, even grown-up, even at thirty-four. Maybe you still do silly things with your friends. I hope so. I hope being grown-up means being able to be silly and text Sarah about Gilmore Girls and write weird letters and yes, talk to vegetables. I hope it’s not all mortgages and diapers and tax rebates.

Mostly, I have questions for you. Are you closer to doing what you love to do? Are you internationally recognised in your field, are people buying your work, are the things you do satisfying and stimulating? Are you married? Do you have kids? Have you travelled the world and seen everything, experienced life outside of New Zealand? Have you been successful, as an adult, as a thirty-four-year-old, as a person, and if you have, does it matter? And if you haven’t, does it matter?

I hope you are the person I want to be, when I grow up.

It’s a phrase kids always use, or adults always use on kids – ‘when you grow up’. But I’m an adult now, too, and I hope that the decisions I make now will mean that you, the Mel I will grow up to become, will be wiser and stronger and more faithful. More courageous and more open. More grace-filled. I hope and trust that the God who holds me safe, holds you too, still and always.

Write back and let me know, will you?







[V: and this is Mel’s version of my letter to my future self. she is much, much better at pretending to be me than I am at pretending to be her. OH DEAR GOD is the correct response to it. You have been notified.]

2 Responses to “a letter to future-Mel.”

  1. Polly Says:

    I love these letters! What a great idea – and proof of a really great friendship 🙂 Love love love

    (I didn’t know who to give this comment to so you both get it)

  2. Sarah Deeble Says:

    I hope we’re still texting about Gilmore Girls in 10 years too!

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