I have hot friends.

May 4, 2013

How do I know so many good-looking people? I should be drafting my points on why I think The Shack’s Trinitarian theology is faulty and at times unbiblical, particularly where it comes into contact with the concept of perichoresis, but I keep getting distracted by marvelling. So I’m stopping here just to put it out there.

I just know good-looking folks. You guys are like stunning miracles of stunningness. You’re all sexy, sexy beasts. You’re amazing. I don’t know how the world can bear the wonder that is your bone structure. And dudes, your eyes. Why is it that people always have lovely eyes? I like that when I look at you- and while this is a plural you because English is sadly deficient in this area, it is also to you, my individual friend reading this- and I’m literally running through all my friends in my head as I write- your loveliness is specific and individual, and is as much due to the character and personality inhabiting and defining your body as it is due to the shape of your features. I honestly think you’re especially, uniquely attractive because of your visible, incredible youness, seen in your face, your movements, the way you hold yourself or talk or laugh or express ideas; heard in your voice and the things you say. Beauty inside and out. You guys are so damn gorgeous it gives me joy to see and know you (observing beauty always does that).

Okay. That’s out. I’ma go back to researching Moltmann and figuring out why hard social trinitarianism is Unbiblical and Wrong. I do love you guys.

2 Responses to “I have hot friends.”

  1. Polly Says:

    Awwwwww Val 🙂 also, I feel like your essay question was posed in a rather leading manner which surprised and interests me

    • marcherry Says:

      Nonono, that’s my argument. The essay question is pretty much ‘write a critical review essay analysing the Trinitarian theology, majoring in either pneumatology or the doctrine of God the Father, of The Shack’; I’m the one who thinks it’s faulty (and I’m certainly not the only one :P.)

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